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Utilizing our personal empowerment and success mastery resources,

 you can apply the winning strategies to attain everything you desire...

and earn 700% return on your one-time joining fee again and again!


Four Freedoms

Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar is well known for this great line of wisdom:

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will

just help enough other people get what they want.”

This is the foundational concept behind both the product and the compensation plan of MX3. You truly can have everything you want, just by helping enough other people get what they want. And what other people really want are these four freedoms:

Health freedom . . . optimum wellness condition.

Emotional freedom . . . harmony of mind and spirit.

Time freedom . . . living at a self-regulated pace.

Financial freedom . . . enjoying abundant affluence.

When you introduce the  MVP2020  product  to  individuals  looking to  improve  their  lives, you are giving them the opportunity to create for themselves these four freedoms. You are helping them get what they really want. This is a win-win-win scenario. This is the reason why MX3 was created --- to help every person win.

For you to become rich in all areas of your life --- physical, financial, career, business, relationships (we teach you ten specific areas) --- we believe that you first need to create a solid personal foundation upon which you can build your success.

However, before you can be an empowered life champion, you must develop a success consciousness. Our MVP2020 life coaching course assists you in cultivating this winning mindset by guiding you to construct a firm platform upon which you can attain the lifestyle of a successful individual.

The main difference between an empowered individual and a person who struggles in life is what they know and how they apply this knowledge in their everyday endeavors. The champion practices a wealth building system of strategies and principles that develops a winning mindset and practically guarantees successful results.

MX3 gives you access to a wealth building system of strategies and principles via the MVP2020 product that enables you to apply this knowledge and build your winning mindset.


MVP2020 E-Course

MVP2020 is for those who want to

take their life to the next level...




and who are deadly serious about

attaining MILLIONAIRE status!

You no doubt already know from experience that many self-improvement books, workshops and programs are full of empty promises because they have never led you to achieve the success you strive so hard to attain.

Well, together with your renewed wholehearted vow to do whatever it takes to attain financial success, the one-year comprehensive MVP2020 success system changes all that... dramatically!

You have the personal commitment of James Lee Valentine --- developer of the Empowered Millionaire success systems --- that he has done his absolute best to make these courses the most value packed financial mastery and personal empowerment programs.

James has a powerful lifetime mission to positively impact lives on a grand scale via the programs of the Empowered Millionaire Institute. He cares about people and wants to help as many individuals as possible to achieve their aspirations.

James is therefore giving you his personal commitment that he will do what it takes to help you attain the upper echelons of success, no matter how long it takes for you to get there. The MVP2020 program, especially, is designed to enable you to reach your peak potential.

James wants to strongly emphasize this vital point: The fifty-week comprehensive MVP2020 success system are the culmination of almost TWO DECADES immense effort and great personal expense by him. Commencing on February 1st 1996, he wrote the very first words of his very first book and began his career as an author of personal empowerment books.

A decade or so later, he has written over sixty-five books now published in some 14 countries worldwide. However, James has wholeheartedly embraced the DIGITAL AGE and vast portions of the library of books he has written are now being re-created as internet programs exclusively available via the online home business of MX3.

Why is the MVP2020 program offered

at this amazing low price of US$300?

MVP2020 did retail for US$997... so why such a drastic drop to US$300? Good question. The answer is because we want to positively impact the lives of many people worldwide. The high figure is out of the reach of the masses who need the most help in the area of personal empowerment and financial mastery.

MVP2020 will give you concrete steps for you to create a new reality for yourself. We will give you key strategies to attract more prosperity into your life, work less hours while having more fun, and earn more money in the process.

MVP2020 is ideal for entrepreneurs no matter their profession. If you want major life change or you want to attain the lifestyle of a millionaire or you want control over your financial destiny, this is the ultimate home study package for you.

MVP2020 is one of the most potent courses ever for personal empowerment and financial mastery. It is an effective step by step SUCCESS SYSTEM that you can utilize to dramatically revolutionize your life.

MVP2020 lasts for one year (50 weeks). To cause permanent change, we believe that old defeating habits must be broken and new winning disciplines must be installed to bring the life revolution that is desired.

MVP2020 is powerful enough to cause lasting change not only in your wealth status but in your physical condition, especially weight loss and lack of energy, and also in relationships and career and ten specific areas of your life.

If you genuinely want to

attain millionaire status...

...MVP2020 is your best choice!


Highlights Of Our Premium 50-Week

MVP2020 'Millionaire Value Pack'

·    S1 Millionaire TNT e-course

        >>>  US$77 value

·    S2 Millionaire Mastery e-course

        >>>  US$197 value

·    S3 Millionaire Coaching  e-course

        >>>  US$497 value

·    Empowered Millionaire 1-2-3 e-books

        >>>  Extra value



With the MVP2020 program, you do not need to be concerned with receiving too much information.

During this comprehensive 50-week course, you will only receive ONE email from us each week.

This single email per week contains all download links to that week's modules and exercises and resources.

YOU are the one in control of downloading what you want and when you want it... learning at your own pace.

...MVP2020 includes all this and much more...


Week 2: 'S1' Success System


S1 is the most powerful mini success system we have ever developed. During this program you will be given the keys to unlock the secrets to getting things accomplished successfully on a consistent DAILY basis. This builds a solid foundation upon which your prosperity will thrive.

S1 is known as the Empowered Millionaire TNT! success system.

"TNT" is an abbreviation for "Today Not Tomorrow" and is the signal for immediate action.


Listed here are just some of the secrets of financial mastery and personal empowerment that will be revealed within this S1 course:

  • The 'Two Actions of Significance'

  •  What 'Action TNT!' means for your success

  •  The '5 Ps of Planning'

  •  What the acronym 'SYSTEM' really means

  •  The 'Formula For Success'

  •  The 'Formula For Failure'

  •  One phrase that you will want to affirm daily

  •  The millionaire's most important question

  •  The millionaire's 3 questions for empowerment

  •  The millionaire's new Thought - Word - Deed'

  •  The Empowered Millionaire's Creed

  •  Where you can find the time to be successful

  •  Downloads include 1 comprehensive module

  •  Downloads include 10 'POWERIZER' printouts


Images of the 1 Module &

10 Powerizers of S1

(images shown much smaller than real size)


Click this link to download one of ten POWERIZER printouts
from the
S1 program for free

 ...MVP2020 includes all this and much more...

Weeks 3-10: 'S2' Success System


S2 shows you how to develop a powerful WEALTH MINDSET that attracts prosperity into your life at an incredible rate. You will discover how to break loose from any poverty shackles that have held you back from attaining the success you so ardently seek.

S2 is the Empowered Millionaire Mastery success system.


Here are several of the numerous secrets of financial empowerment that will be revealed within the seven days of this S2 course:

  •  The 3 vital aspects of a creative environment

  •  POWERIZING and its 6 key elements explained

  •  How to create a personal 'success vibration'

  •  The 5 'Universal Truths' for successful results

  •  Your 'Acres of Diamonds' revealed

  •  7 'Power Convictions' for life transformation

  •  Unlocking the 'Five-Step Process of Creation'

  •  Master keys: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  •  The 'Accelerated Learning Curve'

  •  The secret power of a 'Magnificent Obsession'

  •  The 4 'Life Freedoms' uncovered at last

  •  Downloads include 7 comprehensive modules

  •  Downloads include 10 'POWERIZER' printouts

  •  Downloads include 7 'Manifestation' printouts


Images of the 7 Modules & 10 Powerizers

& 7 Manifestation Exercises of S2

(images shown much smaller than real size)


(shown is just one of 7 modules)

(shown is just one of 7 manifestation exercises)

 Click this link to download one of seven DAILY MODULES
from the
S2 program for free

Click this link to download one of ten POWERIZER printouts
from the
S2 program for free

Click this link to download one of seven MANIFESTATION exercises
from the
S2 program for free

 ...MVP2020 includes all this and much more...

Weeks 11-46: 'S3' Success System


S3 is our most potent financial mastery and personal empowerment course ever. It is a highly effective step by step success system that you can utilize to dramatically revolutionize your life!

S3 is the Empowered Millionaire Coaching success system.


You will also receive the 35 Powerizer Modules and 35 Powerizer Worksheets as individual stand alone lessons (in PDF format) each one comprising detailed explanations and examples... these are termed the POWER PAK 1 and POWER PAK 2.



The 35 Powerizer Modules of POWER PAK 1 and the 35 Powerizer Worksheets of POWER PAK 2 are e-mailed to you as a complete success system at one module and one worksheet per week --- for thirty-five consecutive weeks ... plus several FREE bonus worksheets during the course.


Have you ever wondered why substantial achievement within all areas of your life continues to elude you? Well, wonder no more, this is my results guaranteed promise to you.

The Empowered Millionaire Coaching success system will work for your finances and your health and your career and your mindset and your material aspirations, even though you may be faced with these challenges and more:

  • You have bought many 'success' books, but success still eludes you. You have attended seminars and bought audio and video albums, but still find that you are struggling to make ends meet.

  • You continue to experience health problems on an ongoing basis --- being overweight, lacking energy, sleep deprivation, being afflicted with all kinds of illness --- yet there is no lasting improvement.

  • You have reached the point many times where you are about to make a sensational deal or close a massive sale or embark on a special relationship, but you always seem to find a way to blow it.

  • You often struggle financially and no matter how hard you try you always seem to find a way to spend more than you ever earn. You are not in control of your personal finances to the degree you desire.

  • You get involved in all manner of new businesses --- such as network marketing, a home based Internet business, or direct sales --- yet none of them ever seem to pan out successfully for you.

Why does success allude you? Well, you are probably not achieving the results you seek on a grand scale because being successful is not about reading more self-help books or fighting a never-ending battle to lose weight or working harder.

Becoming wealthy beyond your wildest dreams is not about luck or good fortune or being in the right place at the right time. Achieving massive success within all areas of your life comes from following a proven methodology that systematically guides you step-by-step along the journey to success.

This is what the Empowered Millionaire Coaching success system does with its intensive, hands-on program of modules and worksheets that guide YOU step by step to financial mastery and personal empowerment.

Here are some of the multiple benefits that you will experience from utilizing this S3 Empowered Millionaire Coaching success system that leads to complete wealth mastery and personal empowerment:

  • You will learn: The difference between a person who earns $50,000 a YEAR and a person who earns $50,000 a DAY. You will learn what the millionaire is doing that the $50,000 a year earner rarely does.

  • You will learn: 'The Empowered Millionaire’s Formula For Success' and how performing these DAILY winning disciplines will positively revolutionize your life.

  • You will learn: How to lose weight and manifest a healthy body through some basic daily winning disciplines that anyone can learn and easily apply in their life... painlessly!

  • You will learn: 'The Empowered Millionaire’s Formula For Failure' and how these DAILY simple errors of judgment will sabotage your golden future and lead to eventual adversity and misfortune.

  • You will learn: The three things an Empowered Millionaire does at all key junctures in life to produce the desired positive results and how to create GODLINESS, LOVELINESS, SAINTLINESS as the ultimate manifestations of every thought, word and action.

  • You will learn: The 'Three Qualities of an Empowered Millionaire' that are built upon the backbone of mastery, success and charity.

  • You will learn: The seven winning disciplines that form the 'Empowered Millionaire's Creed' and how to apply them in your daily life to wondrous effect.

  • You will learn: What is 'POWERIZING' and how you can create an extra thirty minutes every day in which to perform the winning disciplines that will create your new life of abundance and success.

  • You will learn: What the acronym 'SYSTEM' means and why it is vital to follow a 'SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS' to save your self time energy and money.

  • You will learn: 'The Five Universal Truths' that those seeking the route to financial awareness can easily understand.

  • You will learn: Why daily 'Manifestation Exercises' are so crucial to the success you so earnestly seek.

  • You will learn: Several extremely effective 'Power Convictions' which are so much more powerful than ordinary beliefs.

  • You will learn: The five key components of 'The Process of Creation' and how these simple steps will enable you to create who you choose to be as your grandest and most magnificent image of yourself.

  • You will learn: 'The Two Inner Forces of Creation' and why they are so potent indeed.

  • You will learn: What is your 'Ultimate Life’s Purpose' and how being aligned with it will bring to you all you can ever desire.

  • You will learn: How to recognize your hidden 'Intangible Assets' and utilize them effectively.

  • You will learn: That your 'Ultimate Personal Vision' has awesome power and how Empowered Millionaires develop a wealth mindset.

  • You will learn: The only two actions of any real significance and why winners always choose the first action while losers choose the second.

  • You will learn: Why 'ACTION TNT' is such an important success principle… Today Not Tomorrow!

  • You will learn: The significance of the '5 Ps' and '3 Ds' of top performance individuals.

  • You will learn: 'The Empowered Millionaire Manifesto' and why contribution is the bridge that leads to success.

  • You will learn: The four 'Life Freedoms' that are the Holy Grail you should strive to attain during your lifetime.

  • You will learn: Why Empowered Millionaires celebrate their birthdays every day . . . and why they are always so very happy.

  • You will learn: The power of stating an 'Intention Manifestation' and an 'Abundance Manifestation' both of which will help create the right conditions for enormous success to materialize in your life.

  • You will learn: How you would feel if you were earning $1,000,000 per year . . . every year.

S3 Success System

Inside the multiple sections of S3

...MVP2020 includes all this and much more...

Weeks 47-49: The Empowered Millionaire Trilogy


As part of the MVP2020 package, you will receive these three comprehensive e-books:

The Empowered Millionaire: Volume One

This comprehensive 250-page first installment of the Empowered Millionaire Coaching success system features 7 Winning Disciplines that once performed on a regular daily basis will positively revolutionize all aspects of your life forever.


The Empowered Millionaire: Volume Two

This easy-to-follow 250-page second part of the Empowered Millionaire Coaching success system explains in complete detail the 35 Powerizer Modules  that lead to financial mastery & personal empowerment.

The Empowered Millionaire: Volume Three

This is the heart of the Empowered Millionaire Coaching success system and is a compendium of the 35 Powerizer Worksheets that during a 7-week journey to success enable you to design your life for maximum achievement.



The clock is ticking on your life . . .

MX3 can help you attain your freedom!

CAREER COMPANION: The MVP2020 life coaching course is a companion that benefits your existing career, because you can join just to avail of the success education and personal empowerment, in conjunction with your regular profession. However, you also have the opportunity to conduct the MX3 home business, if you so desire, and earn extra income.

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