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Presently there are more than 2 billion people worldwide with internet access --- and over 500 million of these have high-speed broadband connections. Within the next ten years, this figure is projected to grow to three billion people online worldwide --- with more than one billion of these estimated to have broadband connections by then. Figures from

The millions of people online worldwide who are looking to improve their lives are all potential customers for our MX3 MVP2020 life coaching and personal empowerment product.


Million Dollar Question: Do you think you can find a few ambitious individuals anywhere in the world to join MX3 and become part of your team? If so, with our simple pay plan, and with these people following the same system as you, is it feasible you could build a sizeable network that spans the globe, generating a substantial residual income for you? The answer is yes!

There are tens of millions of people right now who need the personal empowerment that our product provides. Among the multitude of people you can target, all you require to develop a substantial income are several enthusiastic individuals to join the MX3 program.

For example, you could target entrepreneurs, network marketers and online marketers --- and then work with these people to introduce more individuals to the MX3 program, who in turn each join your team as well, thereby duplicating your efforts and multiplying your income.

The "700% Pay Plan" Of MX3 Explained

“The World’s Most Lucrative Compensation

Pay Plan With 7 Times Earnings”

The pay plan of MillionaireX3 is a 2x3 FORCED MATRIX with FREE RECYCLING that pays out US$2,100 commission for each completed matrix of 14 people --- and US$2,100 commissions can be earned again and again with never another dollar having to be spent.

This is a RECYCLING SPILLOVER MATRIX NETWORK SYSTEM and is a plus for the members of MX3 as it keeps your network growing and helps your members to earn more income as time goes by as you have more of your personally referred people all cycling and their new matrixes always following into your personal network.

One completed matrix of 14 people is achieved by you bringing in 2 people. Then these 2 people in turn each bring 2 people of their own. Now, at this stage there are 6 people in your network plus you. Then each of these new 4 people in turn each bring 2 people of their own, thereby completing your matrix with 14 people in it plus you. For a graphical representation of this description, see the image below... 

What the above chart illustrates is that any member can earn a handsome income just by introducing MX3 to two people who in turn introduce it to just two people and so on down through three levels. Worldwide network marketing statistics show that the average network marketer brings just two people into their business. If you do the average over a period of time it is entirely feasible that you could cycle with MX3 and earn $2,100.

Once that is accomplished and you have indeed reached that milestone, it is highly recommended for you to go out with your increased credibility and bring two more people into MX3 and then work with your personal team members for them to emulate your achievements. This duplication of successful efforts is what could help you to cycle multiple times with MX3, earning you the full $2,100 commission each and every time.

What if you bring in less or more than two people, is this ok? Or what if someone brings in no people, you ask? Well, that is all taken care of in the law of averages, because just as some members will bring in no one, others will bring in several people. Another law, Pareto's Law or the 80/20 rule, also says that 80% of the new members will be brought in by just 20% of the existing members. This results in SPILLOVER and SPILLUNDER which are an integral part of the success mechanics of our pay plan.

Features Of The "700% Pay Plan" Of MX3

One-time joining fee of $300


Upon joining you receive your own 2X3 forced matrix.


You can receive SPILLOVER members from above.


You can receive SPILLUNDER members from below.


People you personally sponsor are ALWAYS in your network.


Just 14 members needed for completed cycle.


Commission of $2,100 for each cycle.


New free matrix each time you cycle.


Unlimited number of cycles possible.


Earn $2,100 again and again and again.


Fully automated payment systems.


Instant commission payouts.


Powerful, yet simple pay plan.


Easy to understand and explain.




Why Did MX3 Choose This Pay Plan?

We want to build an organization --- encompassing MillionaireX1 and MillionaireX3 and MillionaireX7 --- that is founded on the triple features of teamwork and individual entrepreneurship and longevity. We believe that our unique pay plan is the greatest win-win-win we could create for our members and their network team mates.

Teamwork is fostered throughout the three levels of your matrix and the two levels directly above you. Your success and that of the people directly below you (and the same for the members directly above you) is interconnected. The success of one member increases the likelihood of success for the other members in the same network. This interconnectedness of efforts is an integral step on the journey to online network marketing success.

Individual entrepreneurship is allowed to flourish as ultimately this is YOUR business. For you to become a stronger leader, for you to attain some of your long-held financial dreams, for you to be able to live more of the life you have long cherished, you must become more than you are right now. Both the MVP2020 product and pay plan of MX3 will lead you to grow personally and financially.

Longevity of the MX3 organization will come about through the stability of the operating systems and automated processes we are using, coupled with the burning commitment of our founder, James Lee Valentine, who will do his utmost to ensure the entire program not only endures but thrives as we move through the years ahead.

This "700% Pay Plan" allows our members the chance to earn a decent commission from a relatively small network of people. Yet it also allows the massive earnings potential which drives the heaviest hitters on the internet to be excited about this type of opportunity. And this forced matrix type of pay plan is proven to stand the test of time. Yes, with MX3 everyone has the potential to earn a substantial income month after month after month and year after year after year.


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